Why So Furious?

Video games are a global phenomenon - currently being enjoyed by all ages across a multitude of platforms.  They present fantastic visual storytelling in an interactive way you can't get out of a movie or TV show.  

There are also fascinating tales about the craft behind the video game medium.  Those who know the industry know that it is a long, arduous, and expensive process into making a video game.  Some games go through bitter struggles to achieve their intended goals.  Others unfortunately don't make the light of day - whether it be a lack of funds, difference in creative opinions, etc.  At the end of the day though, the visionaries behind these games ultimately want you to experience something ground-breaking.

And it is in knowing all this that it has sparked me to pursue a learning experience in the design and development of video games.  What I hope to achieve with this site and podcast is to not only share my passion for the games I am playing, but take you on a journey towards being a game developer myself.  You will hopefully learn through what I learn what are the major steps to making a game and major roadblocks that can impede it.  There will be lots of pain involved (primarily because this site is not my full time gig), but I hope it will educate you and increase your respect level for a medium that has so many things to offer.